Mirror, Mirror: Am I Fairer Than I Was Yesterday?

By Ann Singer and Sarah Toy
Boston University News Service

If you’ve ever wondered whether those facial serums you’ve been using are really working, HiMirror may be for you.

HiMirror is a smart mirror that analyzes your skin for problems like dark spots, red spots, acne, wrinkles and fine lines. It stores the information it finds into a personalized profile that only you can see and access (the mirror only responds to your face and voice) and over time, you can see whether or not that $200 cream is really helping those crow’s feet disappear.

Phair Tsai, HiMirror’s business development and PR manager, said that the company’s target demographic is females, “between 20-50 years old, fashionistas who are heavy users of beauty products.”

The most basic HiMirror will set you back $189. A version with LED lights on each side costs $259. The LED lights can be set to simulate different lighting situations, such as a brightly lit office or a darkened restaurant so makeup can be applied accordingly.


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