Grocery Shopping Options in Seaport

Fort Point Market offers a large selection of alcoholic beverages.
Written by Badamkhand Batbold
Badamkhand Batbold
BU News Service
The South Boston Waterfront, unofficially known as the Seaport District, is home to the World Trade Center, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston Children’s Museum, and the Boston Design Center. Further east is a more industrial area housing the Harpoon Brewery, Trillium Brewing Company, and the Harbor Sea Foods Center. The neighborhood is lined with high end restaurants serving seafood and other cuisines such as Mexican, Asian fusion and good old classic American. But one thing not found in this neighborhood is a supermarket.
The Seaport is a relatively new neighborhood compared to the rest of Boston and many young professionals call the neighborhood home.  But the nearest large grocery store is Whole Foods located in the South End a mile and a half away. Public transportation to this particular Whole Foods is possible by taking the Silver Line.Andrea Southworth works at the Boston Design and Innovation Center. She usually shops at the Golden Goose, a small neighborhood grocery store and the new Boston Public Market near Quincy Market.

Southworth said the price of a quart of milk costs around $2.40 and a dozen organic eggs around $5 at Golden Goose.  At the Boston Public Market, a dozen eggs can retail for $7 at the Stillman’s Farm stand. The Crescent Ridge stand sells both regular and skim milk for $5.25 a gallon. There is also a local small market in Fort Point called Fort Point Market. They sell a large range of alcoholic beverages, essential produce, condiments for the pantry and some supplies. Their price for a gallon of milk is $4.99.

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  • You forgot Bees Knees Supply on Farnsworth Street. They have groceries, deli, milk, eggs and a really nice variety of wine and beer. It is much more organized then Fort Point Market.

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