Food Options in Charlestown

Written by Ayush Kumar

Charlestown grocery shoppers head out of town.

Ayush Kumar
BU News Service

Although there are plenty of fast food joints, Irish pubs and local delis in Charlestown, supermarkets are harder to find. There is Whole Foods Market on Austin St and a Tedeschi’s convenience store on 1st Avenue, but other than that, take-out food is the best bet.

In Charlestown, a loaf of bread will cost $3.15 and a gallon of milk is $3.70. Although this is more affordable than the nearby North End, prices at local stores are higher than a supermarket.

To get cheaper prices, residents must head to neighboring towns to do the bulk of their shopping. 79-year-old Dave Powers, who has lived in Charlestown all his life, said that his sister prefers to go to the Stop N’ Shop in Somerville, a few miles away.

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