Longwood Area Offers Students Cheap Groceries

Written by Sarah McCullough

Sarah McCullough
BU News Service

Longwood Medical Area is home to more than 20,000 students, and those who do not have meal plans or only have partial meal plans at their universities shop locally at grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Star Market to find affordable prices on food like milk, bread and apples. Compared to surrounding neighborhoods the Longwood Medical Area would not be considered a high-end location, which makes it easy for students to shop on a tight budget. Trader Joe’s at Coolidge Corner is just a few stops away on the Green Line, and is a popular destination for young people looking to stock their kitchens with healthy foods. As one of the local markets with the best bargain prices, Trader Joe’s is busy during all hours of the day. The century-old Star Market chain is also a primary source of groceries for those living in the Longwood Medical Area. The new Star Market located in Fenway is much larger than Trader Joe’s and offers a wider selection of food at a reasonable price for every type of consumer. Customers can walk in and buy fresh baked sweets and warm bread from the market’s bakery, or fresh cut meats from the deli.

Ashly Uss said she always shops at Trader Joe’s in Brookline.

“That’s my go-to. At Trader Joe’s it’s usually $1.40 for milk, bread can be anywhere from $1.50-$2.00 and apples like three for two bucks.”

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