Sony Electronics Introduces Improved Technologies

CES 2016 is in full swing with SONY Electronics focusing on improving many of its existing products and releasing new ones.

While talk swirled that the media giant would unveil new virtual reality technology, there was no mention of VR at the SONY press conference on Tuesday night. In addition to tweaks of current products, the company announced some new innovations to better incorporate sound and entertainment into homes.

SONY’s  light bulb speaker consists of an LED light bulb that has the capacity to play music powered by the light socket.

Another item on SONY’s agenda: the future of sound. Mike Fasulo, president and COO of SONY, unveiled SONY’s new line of headphones and wireless speakers. They tested the waters and improved their underwater Bluetooth speaker. In addition, SONY added improvements to their exiting line of headphones and added new, vibrant colors to the line.

At the forefront of SONY’s keynote was an increased emphasis on camera quality. Fasulo called Sony’s new 4K Handycam unparalleled. To further his point, Fasulo welcomed Glen Gainor, president of physical production at Screen Gems, to join him on stage. Gainor uses SONY’s newly released Alpha A7 Mark II cameras. Gainor said that the new HD, 4K cameras allow him to tell stories like he never has before.

— Reported by Lauren Popovich and Stacy Schoonover

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