Saturday’s Head of the Charles Schedule


The 51st annual Head of the Charles regatta begins Saturday morning in what should be another installment of the legendary race. The races begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday and will run all day before following the same routine on Sunday.

Going out to watch? Of course you are.

Here’s the sequence of events for the first day of the two-day regatta.

8:00 a.m.: Men’s senior veterans singles I/II (70-plus)

8:20: Women’s veteran I/II; Senior veteran I/II (60-69; 70-plus)

8:55: Men’s veteran singles I/II (60-plus)

9:20: Men’s grand master singles (50-plus)

9:42: Women’s grand master singles (50-plus)

10:05: Men’s master eights (50-plus)

10:26: Women’s senior master eights (50-plus)

10:44: Men’s senior master fours (50-plus)

11:05: Women’s senior master fours (50-plus)

11:30: Men’s senior master doubles (50-plus)

11:45: Women’s senior master doubles (50-plus)

12:03 p.m.: Men’s senior master singles (40-plus)

12:15: Women’s senior master singles (40-plus)

12:32: Men’s alumni eights

12:54: Women’s alumni eights

1:15: Men’s club fours

1:35: Women’s club fours

2:04: Men’s club eights

2:19: Women’s club eights

2:36: Men’s master fours (40-plus)

2:49: Women’s master fours (40-plus)

3:08: Men’s master eights (40-plus)

3:19: Women’s master eights (40-plus)

3:33: Men’s championship doubles

3:42: Women’s championship doubles

3:54: Men’s collegiate fours

4:08: Women’s collegiate fours

4:24: Men’s championship singles

4:33: Women’s championship singles

4:43: Parent/child doubles (director’s challenge)

5:03: Mixed doubles (director’s challenge)

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