In their Own Words: RNC Protesters and Supporters

Stevedore Crawford JR speaks in Cleveland Public Square. Photo by Pankaj Khadka/BUNS
Written by Jonathan Gang

By Jonathan Gang
Photos by Pankaj Khadka
BU News Service

Since the Republican National Convention kicked off on Monday, hundreds of people have gathered outside Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena to voice both support and opposition for the Republican party and its recently crowned nominee Donald Trump. These are a few of their stories.

To hear the stories of the protesters and supporters, hover over the images and click the red icon in the top left corner.

Eric Jackman of Jaffery, New Hampshire

Loren Spivack of Amherst, Massachusetts

James Campbell of Dayton, Ohio

Sahid Khan of New Jersey

Julian Raven of Elmira, New York

Rossmery Zayas of Los Angeles, California

Cat of Cleveland, Ohio

Stevedore Crawford Jr. of Cleveland, Ohio

Singing And Chanting, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Protest

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