PODCAST: Friday Five, Episode 17: April 3, 2020

Good morning, and welcome to your Friday Five, a weekly newscast from the Boston University News Service. Today we’ll take a look at our top stories from this week, including a new Latino group bringing a voice to East Boston, and our latest coverage of COVID-19. Let’s get started so you can start your day.

Mass Legislation: bunewsservice.com/some-mass-legisl…helter-in-place/

California Discrimination: bunewsservice.com/?p=52874

Marijuana Non-Essential: bunewsservice.com/marijuana-indust…sential-service/

East Boston: bunewsservice.com/all-we-have-left…-boston-a-voice/

Coronavirus Body: bunewsservice.com/weekly-wonder-re…slow-a-pandemic/

And be sure to check out our next episode of Between the Bylines, where we sit down with our contributors to discuss our top stories through the lens of student journalism. Visit us online at bunewsservice.com/podcasts for more information.

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