Official Boston City Council Election Results

Written by Meggie Quackenbush

Polls are closed in Boston, the votes are counted, and final election results are in.

In the at-large race, 18-year veteran Stephen Murphy lost to incumbent at-large councilors Ayanna Pressley, who took 24.2 percent of the vote, Michelle Wu, Michael Flaherty and newcomer Annissa Essaibi-George.

The district race results were unsurprising, except for an upset in district four, where newcomer Andrea Joy Campbell won over longtime-councilor Charles C. Yancey, winning 61.3 percent of votes. In D3, Frank Baker kept his seat from Donnie Palmer, while D5’s Timothy McCarthy and D7’s Tito Jackson won easy victories over  challengers Jean-Claude Sanon and Charles Clemons, Jr., respectively.

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At-Large Race: with 100% of precincts reporting, Stephen Murphy has conceded the at-large race, leaving the seats to Michael Flaherty, Michelle Wu, Ayanna Pressley and newcomer Annissa Essaibi-George.

  • Ayanna Pressley: 31,768
  • Michelle Wu: 28,891
  • Michael Flaherty: 26,463
  • Annissa Essaibi-George: 23,439
  • Stephen Murphy: 19,538

District Races:

District 3: with 100% of precincts reporting, Frank Baker has taken District 3 over Donnie Palmer.

  • Frank Baker: 4,745
  • Donnie Palmer: 811

District 4: with 100% of precincts reporting, Andrea Joy Campbell has taken District 4 from incumbent Charles C. Yancey.

  • Andrea Joy Campbell: 4,309
  • Charles C. Yancey: 2,699

District 5: with 100% of precincts reporting, Timony McCarthy will keep his District 5 seat over challenge Jean-Claude Sanon.

  • Timothy McCarthy: 4,825
  • Jean-Claude Sanon: 2,611

District 7: with 100% of precincts reporting, incumbent Tito Jackson won District 7 over Charles Clemons, Jr.

  • Tito Jackson: 2,983
  • Charles Clemons, Jr: 1,444

The following candidates ran unopposed in this year’s city council election:

  • Sal LaMattina (District 1): 2,789
  • Bill Lenihan (District 2): 3,593
  • Matt O’Malley (District 6): 6,655
  • Josh Zakim (District 8): 2,055
  • Mark Ciommo (District 9): 2,237

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