LISTEN: Massachusetts Gun Legislation Experts Discuss Safety

Elektra Manolakos displays a sign stating 'Guns are the death of U.S.' during a student visit to the Senate President's office at the Massachussetts State House. The visit took place as a part of the Walkout for Action. March 14, 2018. Photo by Jessica Richardson / BU News Service.

By Tyler Carroll
Boston University News Service

This midterm, many Republican candidates nationwide have made crime a focal point of their campaign, while democrats have largely steered clear of the issue.

Massachusetts is one of the safest states in the country when it comes to gun violence, thanks in part to dedicated activists who work to educate people about the dangers of firearms.

WTBU Reporter Tyler Carroll discussed these dangers with Ruth Zakarin; the executive director of the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, and John Rosenthal; the founder of Stop Handgun Violence.

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