Massachusetts expected to receive $9 billion in aid through Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill

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By Julia Kim
BU News Service

Massachusetts is estimated to receive $9 billion under the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan expected to hit the House floor for a final vote on Wednesday, according to Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration.

The Senate narrowly passed the relief bill on Saturday with a slim 50-49 party-line vote after a laborious night of amendments and criticism from Republicans. 

The bill will cost nearly one-tenth the size of the entire U.S economy and is Biden’s plan to combat the virus and bruised economy. Republicans are not supporting the bill, disapproving of its massive spending and the Democrats’ use of the budget reconciliation process to work around the 60 vote threshold that most bills require to pass. 

If passed, the relief bill will provide direct payments of $1,400 to most Americans and extend the weekly $300 unemployment benefits through September 6. The checks phase out for single filers with incomes higher than $75,000, $112,500 for heads of households and $150,000 for married couples. Unlike previous stimulus checks, dependents of all ages, including college students, are eligible for the payments. Checks could begin to arrive within two weeks of Biden’s signing the bill. 

The legislation will also send $350 million to state and local governments helping with tax base hits and boosting  local economies.  

According to Gov. Baker’s estimates for the bill, Massachusetts is expected to receive:

The bill, which is expected to pass, is set for a final vote in the House on Wednesday and would be sent to Biden’s desk to be signed before the December stimulus expires.  

 “This nation has suffered too much for much too long,” Biden told reporters during a White House press briefing after the Senate vote. “And everything in this package is designed to relieve the suffering and to meet the most urgent needs of the nation, and put us in a better position to prevail.”

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