Longtime Cambridge voters take advantage of Super Tuesday voting

A voter casts his vote at a polling station in Manchester, NH on Feb. 11, 2020. Photo by Grace Ferguson/BU News Service

BU News Service Staff

It was 47 degrees and the clouds were clearing Tuesday morning in Cambridge when nearly 30 polling locations opened at 7 a.m. Voters participating in Super Tuesday were students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, longtime Cambridge residents and Puerto Rican nationals.

Valencia Miller, 44, is an OBGYN from Cambridge who voted for former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I really wanted to vote for the person who I thought had the best chance of winning against the current president,” Miller said. “It’s not necessarily that I love all of his politics, but I feel that when it comes to the nation they’re more likely to get behind Joe Biden.”

Cambridge resident and Harvard employee, Alysha Johnson Williams, 27, voted for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren at the Quincy House.

“When I was voting, I was really thinking about the future in the sense of trying to be hopeful,” said Williams. “I was thinking who’s going to be the best for this country to make us a hopeful and a better place, and I think that’s Elizabeth Warren.”

Axel Feldmann, a 22-year-old graduate student at MIT, has been living in Cambridge for half a year, and voted for former Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

“I’m from New York and he was a good mayor when I was living there,” he said. 

Alberto Mulero, 25 and originally from Puerto Rico, has lived in Cambridge for seven years. Currently, he works as a mechanical engineer and lives in Inman Square. Mulero said he voted for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders because he feels that Sanders fights for him. He said Sanders has all the good traits of Donald Trump, but is nice and can shake up the Democratic Party. 

Recent Harvard graduate Bradley Riew, 25, voted for Biden.

“It’s an unpopular opinion, but I actually like him a lot as a person. I think he is passionate and I like his moral system,” Riew said. “I think he’s run a pretty disastrous campaign so far, but I still have a lot of loyalty for him.”

Andras Kiss, a 28-year-old graduate student, has been living in Cambridge for 11 years and voted for Warren.

“She’ll be much more effectual than Bernie Sanders, and she’s more technically adept,” Kiss said. 

Starr Phillips, 64, has lived in Cambridge for over 40 years. She voted for Biden.

“I think he can help us,” he said.

Alex Pouliot, 20, has been an MIT student for the last three years and lives on campus. Pouliot said she voted for Warren because she likes Warren’s policies, and she believes Warren has the best plans and ideas to back up those policies.

Nicholas Oliveira, 27, is a Boston University Facilities worker and a lifelong Cambridge resident. He voted for Andrew Yang despite his withdrawal from the presidential race.

“He’s a Democrat who wants to help the working man. He helps a lot of unions and helps a lot of workers,” Oliveira said.

Alessandra Seiter, 25, is a librarian who has lived in Cambridge for just under a year. She voted for Sanders.

“His campaign was really about listening to ordinary people in the U.S. and seeing what their worries were, what their struggles were and amplifying their voices in this campaign,” she said.

Noah Bilgrien, 27, is a software engineer for AdmitHub who has lived in Cambridge for almost a year.

He voted for Biden because of his endorsement by Pete Buttigieg, whom Bilgrien had strongly supported.

“Biden seems to align with [Buttigieg’s] values too,” he said.

Kevin Escobar, a 23-year-old software developer, has been living in Cambridge for five years and voted for Sanders.

“Bernie seems like the person who’s actually fighting for the little guy,” he said.

Nathan Arce, 28, is a software engineer who has lived in Cambridge for 11 years.

“It’s too important to beat Biden and Bloomberg,” he said after voting for Sanders.

For a list of where to vote, Cambridge residents can use this map. Voting closes at 8 p.m.

Thuy-An Nguyen, Haley Paraday, Grace Ferguson, Conor Kelley and Megan Forsythe contributed to this report.

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