LISTEN: WTBU News Brunch, Episode 3: March 3, 2020

Good morning, and welcome to your WTBU News Brunch.

After ending their campaigns this weekend, former Democratic hopefuls Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar are both endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden ahead of Tuesday’s primaries.

Fourteen states will host their primary elections today, with 1,357 delegates at stake. However, after candidates Buttigieg and Klobuchar suspended their campaigns, there’s a question of where those votes will go. WTBU’s Hannah Harn spoke with Professor Bruce Schulman, the William Huntington Professor of History at Boston University, who said early voting in primaries can be difficult.

BU’s Film and Television program has cracked down on equipment check-outs, enforcing students to only use the gear for current in-class projects. WTBU reporter Ina Joseph said students are not happy with the change

Octave of Light, a music album that combines music and science, comes out in November, but you can get a taste of the album now with the couple songs that have been released. The album explores the concept of turning light into sound. Emily Wilson chatted with the composer of the album, David Ibbitt, to get more insight into how this project came to be.

March is International Women’s Month, and in this country, many people are talking about women’s position in politics. A new book challenges the notion that Muslim women have no role in political life. WTBU reporter Katherine Swindells sat down with Shall Haeri, an associate professor of Cultural Anthropology at BU, and author of the new book The Unforgettable Queens of Islam: Succession, Authority, Gender, who said women have had powerful roles for hundreds of years.

BU’s students studying abroad in Italy will be returning to the United States. The novel coronavirus is making its way through Northern Italy after the outbreak began to slow in China. It’s also spreading to other countries like Australia, Thailand and even France, who closed the Louvre to prevent further spread. Italy is one of the worst outbreaks at present, and many universities, including BU, have students studying abroad in these areas: such as Rome, Venice and Padua. WTBU’s Kendall Tamer spoke with abroad students about their experiences as coronavirus spreads.

This edition of WTBU News Brunch was produced by Hannah Harn, Katherine Swindells, Kendall Tamer, Sofie Isenberg, Ina Joseph, Emily Wilson, Frank Hernández. Our Technical Producer is Danny Roa

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