LISTEN: WTBU News Brunch, Episode 7: April 7, 2020

Good morning! We’re now in our fourth week putting together the show from several different time zones and broadcasting on Zoom, and now that we’ve begun to settle into the new normal, we’re starting to ask what the future holds. What major changes are we likely to see as a result of this crisis? That’s a question we’ll be trying to answer as we cover the many impacts of the pandemic.

Today, your News Brunch crew tackles a glimmer of hope in COVID-19 numbers, curfews in Boston and Puerto Rico, primaries in Wisconsin, unexpected impacts of stay-at-home measures, financial consequences for millennials, the impacts of remote work and remote education, COVID-19 and climate change, a potential cure and more.

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next week!

This edition of WTBU News Brunch was produced by Sofie Isenberg, Ina Joseph, Emily Wilson, Frank Hernández, Hannah Harn, Katherine Swindells and Kendall Tamer. Our Technical Producer is Danny Roa.

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