Hollywood, interrupted

By Brenno Carillo
BU News Service

Hollywood is now facing an unprecedented situation. Despite their financial might, the movie industry is struggling with the effects of coronavirus. Across the world, movie theater chains have closed to comply with local rules and social distancing guidance, and a slew of 2020 releases — from small movies to blockbusters — have been delayed.

Studios with major tentpole releases in the months of March, April and May have had no choice but to postpone their films’ release dates, or make them available for streaming. Paramount’s “A Quiet Place ll,” Sony’s James Bond film “No Time to Die” and Disney’s live-action remake “Mulan” have all been delayed. Universal Studios’ “The Invisible Man” and Warner Bros.’ “Birds of Prey,” which had been already released in theaters, have been released early for streaming.

Production has been suspended for movies currently filming, and major film festivals have been either canceled or postponed. According to a press release from Cannes International Film Festival, originally scheduled to begin on May 12, organizers are hoping to return by the end of June. South by Southwest organizers announced on March 6 via Twitter that the event, scheduled to run from March 13 through 22, would not take place.

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