Haier’s ‘Magic Mirror’ Perfect for Busy Ladies and Shower Singers

Haier exhibitor Carlos Pajomo showing consumers major functions of Haier's Magic Mirror. Photo by Yujie Xue/ BU News Service.

By Yujie Xue
BU News Service

LAS VEGAS — Morning is always the busiest time of the day. For ladies who have no time to pick up their phones and check the weather while putting on makeup, Haier’s Magic Mirror might be a perfect bathroom essential for you, because this mirror reflects more than your face.

At first, it looks like a regular mirror. But when you tap on it, magic happens. The date, time and weather pop up from the glass and wait… YouTube videos too?

Yes, this is Haier’s first smart mirror — an Internet-connected, touch-enabled bathroom mirror.

It has a 1080P HD screen, 16 millions of color resolution, a 23.6-inch display, 2GB memory, 8GB storage and runs on Android 5.0. The mirror has built-in apps that allow you to check the weather, air quality (thoughtful for the Chinese market), and room humidity.

It also installs applications such as Youtube, Facebook and Google Chrome. So for social media addicts, and shower singers who’d love to sing karaoke while they’re in the shower, Magic Mirror finally makes their dreams come true.

Magic Mirror can sync with other smart bathroom and bedroom products. You can answer phone calls, turn lights on and off, control ventilation, heat, and even tweak the temperature of bath water.

“The Magic Mirror is the bathroom center of Haier’s U+ Smart Life Platform,” Haier’s exhibitor Carlos Pajomo said at CES.

The Mirror integrates over 50 smart home technologies and has heat and odor sensors. So when the bathroom is too steamy, the mirror will activate the ventilation and exhaust the moisture.

In addition to these features, Haier also claims that the Magic Mirror can analyze your body and help you make outfit decisions. You can connect the mirror to your bathroom scale to help you track your weight and stay fit, all of this with the help of a single piece of glass.

Haier released the mirror in China in 2016, but it hasn’t yet arrived in the US. The price range on Haier’s official Chinese website lists it from ¥9,999 ($1,444) to ¥18,999 ($2,744).

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