Science: About Us

The Science section is produced by graduate students in the Science Journalism program at Boston University. We cover a broad range of topics – from any scientific field you can think of.

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Erica Anderson

Erica Andersen is from New Jersey and loves pizza and bagels accordingly. She comes to Boston by way of Jackson, Wyoming, where she taught kids to ski, was a dermatology medical assistant and worked for the local daily newspaper. She holds a degree in biology and classics from Rutgers University and writes mostly about medicine, health and the environment. She spends her free time pursuing outdoor activities or vegetating amongst fuzzy blankets. There is no in between.

Javier Barbuzano

Javier Barbuzano is originally from the Canary Islands (Spain), and he became interested in science communication after graduating from college with a degree in environmental sciences. His first gigs were as a Public Information Officer at research institutions such as the European Southern Observatory, the University of Florida and the Instituto de Astrofisica at the Canary Islands. In 2013 he moved to Boston and has been a freelance writer since. Javier loves vintage videogames and music genres that most people will define as noise. He is NOT a morning person.

You can follow Javier on Twitter: @javibarbuzano


Emily Boerger

Emily Boerger is a science writer from Seattle, Washington. She studied biology and anthropology at Western Washington University where she was also a varsity volleyball player. Now as a grad student in BU’s Science Journalism program, her writing focuses primarily on health, medicine, and human biology. Emily is a walking Seattle stereotype in that she loves coffee, hiking, rain, flannel, and of course, the Seattle Seahawks.  

Sukanya Charuchandra

Sukanya Charuchandra travelled halfway around the world from Mumbai, India to join BU’s Science Journalism program. After a Master’s in Biotechnology she decided to switch gears to write about the science she loves. She enjoys watching movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age, drinking copious quantities of chai, collecting stationery and occasionally sniffing books.

You can follow her on Twitter: @Sukanya_KC

Dara Farhadi

Dara Farhadi comes from a land where the sky is usually blue, orange, pink, or a combination of the three (except when the sky is consumed by an apocalyptic dust storm). That’s right, Phoenix, Arizona. He studied neuroscience and cognitive science at the University of Arizona in Tucson before foolishly thinking he could easily handle Boston’s frigid winters as a grad student in Boston University’s Science Journalism program. Dara’s interests are health, medicine, and science storytelling and setting time aside each day trying to remember what warmth used to feel like. Follow Dara on Twitter: @Dara_Farhadi

Jiaxin Liu

Jiaxin Liu came from China last year to study science journalism at Boston University. She came to Boston especially for the best lobster ever in the world. No kidding. She travels, she dances, she plays music. She’s very fond of creative stuff, including journalism. With her bachelor’s degree in biotechnology, she’s now ready for a career as a science reporter and video producer.

K Melvin

K Melvin claims Lawrence, Kansas as their home (Go Jayhawks!) but came to Boston by way of Raleigh, North Carolina where they got their degree in biology from Meredith College (had they been able to get a second degree it would have been in forensic anthropology). When they’re not writing, K enjoys listening to David Bowie records on vinyl, knitting up a storm and poking dead things with a stick. You can follow K on twitter @kam3lvin.

Paula Rothman

Paula Rothman is a Brazilian journalist with a passion for genetics, ecology and Star Wars. Before joining BU’s Master in Science Journalism program, she worked as a reporter and assistant editor at her country’s largest tech publication.

Natasha Strydhorst

Natasha Strydhorst hails from the Great White North (and is consequently amazed by the downright balmy Boston weather). She studied writing and environmental studies at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan before finding her niche in BU’s Science Journalism program.

Olivia Trani

Olivia Trani (pronounced Tron-ee) is from river city Richmond, Virginia but spent her undergraduate career studying Biology and Environmental Science at the College of William & Mary. Olivia immersed herself in research at WM, spending her summers catching diamondback terrapins and hunting for American chestnuts, and now wants to write about the science she loves. When not catching up on her work, Olivia can be found throwing frisbees, climbing rocks, and listening to podcasts.