Foldimate Folds Your Laundry So You Don’t Have To

FoldiMate is an appliance that can treat, de-wrinkle, soften, and fold your laundry. It was on display at the Wynn on Jan. 5 in Las Vegas, N.V. Photo by Ann Singer/BU News Service

By Paula Rothman
For BU News Service

LAS VEGAS – If laundry ranks high on your list of most-hated household chores, then startup Foldimate might have the solution to at least part of your problem: It has developed a machine to fold everyday clothes.

A video of the prototype and a mock-up of the final design are being showcased at CES, but the company, who has been working on the product for the past six years, has already collected over $400,000 in pre-order deposits.

“People love it because it take seconds to put your clothes in it and minutes to have everything folded,” said Gal Razov, Foldimate’s founder.

Foldimate is the size of a large washing machine. It has a pair of pins where you attach your clothes, which are then automatically taken into an inner tray. There, a series of metallic bars do the folding and then the folded items are placed onto a platform that gets ejected when the pile reaches a certain height.

Foldimate is currently taking pre-orders and expects to ship the products next year. It currently retails at $700 to $850.

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