East Cambridge Residents Discuss Transportation Options for Winter

Written by Chenchen Zhao

Chenchen Zhao
BU News Service

As winter approaches, many commuters who bike to work are reassessing how long they can continue on two wheels before the snow and cold move in.

Olivia Easterbrooks, an intern at a Cambridgeport School bikes twenty to thirty minutes every day to work from her home in Somerville.

Easterbrooks said her choice of transportation might change when winter comes.

“I’ll probably not bike and take the T when it snows,” Easterbrooks said.

Biking, however, is definitely her first choice considering the price of the T tickets.

“They (tickets) are pretty expensive because I don’t make any money since I’m an intern,” Easterbrooks said.

She is also hoping the proposed Green Line extension into Somerville will become a reality. But concerns over how the project will be funded do not look promising right now.



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