Disappointed Sanders Supporters Demonstrate Outside DNC

By Michael Sol Warren
BU News Service

The prolonged disappointment of Bernie Sanders supporters quickly turned to anger when the announcement came that Hillary Clinton had clinched the Democratic presidential nomination.

Sanders’ supporters had gathered throughout the day Tuesday in Franklin Delano Roosevelt Part across the street from Wells Fargo Arena, home of the Democratic National Convention. Separated from the convention by a metal fence, the crowd chanted and attempted to shame arriving delegates through the early part of the afternoon.

Many in the crowd held signs comparing a vote for Clinton to a vote for Trump. Signs pledging support for Green Part nominee Jill Stein were plentiful, as were the signs the read “Bernie or Bust”. One man wore a larger-than-life paper mache Bernie Sanders puppet on his back.

When the roll call vote started inside, the supporters outside quieted down and moved into the park where three big screens streamed a live feed of the proceedings. A huge cheer went up when it was announced that Sanders had won California, but the reality of an impending Clinton victory continued to hang over the crowd.

The former Secretary of State officially clinched the nomination with the announcement of the votes from South Dakota. When the news broke, the mood of the Sanders supporters quickly shifted to anger and the crowd began to migrate to back to the fence in order to confront exiting delegates.

One Bernie supporter approached and spit on a woman exiting the convention area. She retaliating by throwing punches at the man. Police had to intervene and breakup the scuffle. It is not clear if she was a delegate.

The crowd quickly grew in numbers as they were joined by a parade of more Sanders supporters than arrived at the DNC shortly after the roll call vote ended.

The larger crowd drew a heavier police presence. Police helicopters circled above the scene, while officers on bicycles and dirtbikes maneuvered to contain the crowd.

The crowd had begun to disperse by 8:00 p.m. As of 9:45 p.m., the Green Party’s Stein was addressing the remainder of the crowd, urging them to vote for her in November.

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