Boston City Council election unofficial results

Boston City Hall. Photo by Michael Sol Warren/BU News Service

BOSTON — Bostonians ventured out in a downpour Tuesday to decide who will represent them on City Council. While most of the district races were not highly contested, the councilor-at-large race was anyone’s game, with the difference between a winner and a loser coming down to ten votes in one case.

See a round-up of the results below.

Winners are in bold.


Michelle Wu – 21%
Annissa Essaibi George – 17%
Michael Flaherty – 17%
Julia Meija – 11%

Alejandra Nicole St. Guillen – 11%
Erin Murphy – 8%
Althea Garrison – 8%
David Halbert – 7%

St. Guillen, one of eight candidates for Boston City Council At-Large, called for a recount in a statement on Tuesday night as results showed only a 10 vote difference between her and fellow candidate Julia Mejia for the fourth At-Large seat.

“We are so proud of the campaign we ran, and in order to fight for a better Boston for all, every vote needs to be counted, and we are requesting a recount,” said St. Guillen in the statement. “This campaign engaged thousands of voters across this city to ultimately be separated by just 10 voters. Every voter who came out and cast a ballot – whether it be absentee, in the voting booth, or provisionally – deserves a full and complete count to determine who is our next City Councilor at large.” 

District 4

Andrea Joy Campbell – 87%
Jeff Durham – 12%

District 5

Ricardo Arroyo – 54%
Maria Esdale Farrell – 45%

District 7

Kim Janey – 75%
Roy Owens Sr. – 24%

District 8

Priscilla Kenzie Bok – 70%
Jennifer Ann Nassour – 29%

District 9

Liz Breadon – 59%
Craig Cashman – 41%

For more information, visit the City of Boston’s election results page.

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