A Fantasy Feast

Event organizers Miranda Aisling and Rebecca D'Antonio. © Eesha Pendharkar

By Eesha Pendharkar
BU News Service

Thirty people in cloaks braved the pouring rain Sunday to drink Butterbeer, create poetry and enjoy an evening with fellow Harry Potter fans.

The (real?) sorting hat. It even shouts out your house. © Eesha Pendharkar

The (real?) sorting hat. It even shouts out your house. © Eesha Pendharkar

“I think you’ll enjoy the magic we’re making this evening,” said host Rebecca D’Antonio at the themed potluck dinner. The event was put on by Miranda’s hearth, a creative community started by Miranda Aisling.

Guests entered to a live version of the Harry Potter theme and milled about in a hall that resembled the Hogwarts dining room, sampling Chocolate Frogs and Pumpkin Pasties made by D’Antonio. Aisling taught guests to make blackout poetry from pages of the first Harry Potter book, which D’Antonio, walking around the room while guests concentrated, described as “people taking their OWLs.” Hedwig and Fawkes were in attendance, as was a talking version of the Sorting Hat. People later read out their poetry, after introducing themselves and their Hogwarts house.

“Anything Harry Potter related I can find, I go to,” said 14- year- old Hillary Turay, whose mother had driven her up from Framingham for the event.

Dinner was announced after guests shared their poetry and guests kept going back for helpings of meat pie and beef stew. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour beans were given a wide berth, though a few people did dare sample one or two. A guest dressed like Dumbledore announced that he had experienced Dumbledore’s horrible luck with Bertie Botts firsthand by getting a vomit flavoured jellybean. “Alas, Earwax” he sighed.


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