Winning Knight Quest at Fuller’s BU Pub by Drinking 50 Beers

by Shiyang Yi

Boston University News Service 

Knighthood is a title many Boston University students are yearning for. With the help of Fuller’s BU Pub, students can reach that prestigious title following their successful quest of tasting a list of 50 unique beers at the underground bar.  

“Once you have finished all 50, you will be able to schedule a knighting ceremony, in which your friends will help choose your knight name, and you will be knighted,” said Brody Eccleston, the Operations Manager of Fuller’s BU Pub.

Photo courtesy of Fuller’s BU Pub

Fuller’s BU Pub is a small pub located on the ground floor of The Castle on 225 Bay State Road and is accessible to those affiliated with BU. Fuller’s is an excellent location for students, faculty, staff, and alums to spend time as long as they are 21 or older, according to Eccleston. It features a full kitchen and bar, packed with great food and a plethora of drink options.

“I think it is great to have such a unique thing like the Knight’s Quest in such a unique environment that is the BU Pub. It’s also something I find a lot of alumni reminiscing about years later among their friends on their return to campus and the pub itself,” said Eccleston.

According to Jason Galloway, the bartender who usually does the knighting ceremony, the Pub keeps track of everything via Pint Track, a website created by BU alumni. Participants can begin the quest by creating an account on the app and are limited to checking off only two beers every four hours to ensure the quest is enjoyed responsibly. 

“After you check in on Pint Track and ordered a beer listed, our bartenders will check off that for you. Once you check off all the requirements, you can request for a ceremony from the manager,” said Galloway.

According to Eccleston, the person being knighted can invite friends to the ceremony and enjoy free appetizers provided by Fuller’s. During the ceremony, a knight name is chosen for the lucky winner, created by friends and other pubgoers.  

When asked more about the ceremony, Eccleston said, “I don’t want to give too much away about the ceremony as I enjoy that it is an unexpected experience for those new to the Pub and Quest.”

Yixiao Sun, a senior at BU who turned 21 at the start of this semester and began his Quest for knighthood on Sep. 9, said he has six beers recorded via Pint Track. Sun is hoping to grab the title of Knight before he graduates this May. He has been visiting the Pub once a week, trying two beers at a time, arranging them by his own ratings. 

“Ideally, I hope to complete my quest before I graduate next May and acquire the knighting ceremony and the customized mug from Fuller’s as my graduation gift,” said Sun.

According to Eccleston, the first knight ceremony scheduled this semester is on Nov. 17. 

“The first semester is usually slow for knightings, and most of them happen in the spring before graduation,” said Eccleston.

Eccleston revealed that during the knighting ceremony, the Knight receives a BU knights mug, featuring their personalized knighted name. They also get the honor of ordering the Knight-Only beer hidden from the menu.

“[The Knight] get[s] to sign the sword used to knight them,” said Eccleston, “and they are now able to drink the Knight-Only beers that are not listed on the menu.”

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