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New Parkinsons Drug Shows Positive Results in Rat Study
The seven to ten million people suffering from Parkinson’s can attest that the diagnosis is a harrowing one, foreshadowing an ever-changing cocktail of drugs, symptoms, and side effects for life. But, a new drug may have changed that- for rats at least.
Fishing For Conservation: Sharks As Collateral Damage In Commercial Operations
The prospect of casting a fishing line and snagging a shark might sound exciting to some young anglers, but for the sharks, getting accidentally caught could be a death sentence.
Sloth Hair Harbors Medicinal Fungi
In the shaggy coat of a sloth lives a vast fungal community, churning out bioactive compounds that could one day serve as the basis for new drugs.


The Forgotten Naturalist
Darwin’s theory of evolution wouldn’t be what it is, if it wasn’t for one Alfred Russel Wallace.
Birds Ablaze
Currently, we rely on the Endangered Species Act to protect those near extinction. But there may be a better way to safeguard our nation’s treasured wildlife.


Feeling It
What modern video games could learn from their analogue ancestors. More
Genetic Modification: Polarizing the population [infographic]
With all the angry voices chiming in on genetically modified foods, it can be really hard to figure out where the basic science stands. More
Time To Face The Thorium
Love your smartphone that delivers clear sound and bright colors but still fits in your pocket? One element stands between us and a secure technological future. More