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Keeping Pace with Humans: Urban Evolution
A select few species evolve fast enough to keep pace with and survive human impacts.
Brain Imaging Techniques Provide Answers About Vegetative Patients
Scientists are testing a variety of brain imaging techniques on unconscious patients in hopes of learning more about their diagnosis. The technologies are helping researchers make more accurate predictions about who is likely to regain consciousness.
New Parkinsons Drug Shows Positive Results in Rat Study
The seven to ten million people suffering from Parkinson’s can attest that the diagnosis is a harrowing one, foreshadowing an ever-changing cocktail of drugs, symptoms, and side effects for life. But, a new drug may have changed that- for rats at least.


The First Miracle Worker: The Story of Laura Dewey Bridgman
A generation before Helen Keller became famous, another deafblind student and her educator made a mark on history. Today, talented deafblind students continue to fascinate scientists and educators and help us learn more about the senses and the brain.
The Botanical Counterattack, And an Arms Race Unseen
Using an arsenal of physical defenses and chemical weaponry plants try to repel their herbivorous enemies in a silent world war.
Parkinson's Beyond the Brain
By the time a patient is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, seventy percent of the damage is already done. In an effort to understand the progression of the disease and diagnose it earlier, more and more scientists are moving their microscopes to the patient’s gut.
Lost in Metabolic Mayhem: Are Hypothyroid Patients Getting the Help They Need? (Made private by request of author - seeking other publication)
Millions of middle-aged women suffer from hypothyroidism. Methods for diagnosis and treatment are standardized in the field of mainstream endocrinology, but are they really working?


The Fungus that Hung Us: Did Ergotism Lead to the Salem Witch Trials?
Some believe the Salem Witch Trials were set in motion by a hallucinogenic fungus in the villagers' rye crop. But most historians beg to differ.
Figuring out the Flounder: A Science with Grace Video
A Sci-Jo original video on the surprising metamorphosis of flounder and other flatfish, and how their distinctive eyes come to be.
Do Americans really have to refrigerate their eggs?
In many countries eggs aren't refrigerated, but that doesn't mean Americans should follow suit.