What To Do in Boston This (Halloween) Weekend

Día de los Muertos/Day of the Dead Evening Celebration at Peabody Museum, Harvard. Photo courtesy Peabody Museum.
Written by Landry Harlan

By Landry Harlan
BU News Service

Halloween costumes seem to be narrowed down to two categories this year: Ken Bone and Stranger Things. My advice would be to combine them if you want to win the coveted costume contest at whatever of the smorgasbord of Boston Halloween events you attend this weekend. Wait, you don’t have plans yet? Don’t worry, I got you. It’s a good weekend to be alive, and dead, in Boston.

Día de los Muertos/Day of the Dead 

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with a festive evening of music, food and community. Remember departed loved ones in front of this year’s Día de los Muertos altar, savor traditional Mexican food and enjoy lively Mexican music. 

Where: Peabody Museum

When: Saturday 7 – 10 p.m.

Cost: $25 for (living) non-members, purchase tix HERE

9th Annual Great Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkin beer from across the US! Patio beer garden and grill! Costumes are highly recommended.

Where: Cambridge Brewing Company

When: Saturday from noon to midnight

Cost: $30-$35 depending on the session (there’s three offered), purchase tix HERE. I recommend starting with the Cinderella’s Carriage , UFO Pumpkin and
Witchfinder General beers based solely on their amazing names. 

‘Nosferatu’ with Live Score 

The Andrew Alden Ensemble will accompany a screening of the silent horror classic, “Nosferatu”. Max Schreck plays the vampiric creature of the night in this thinly veiled adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Where: Brattle Theatre

When: Sunday at 4:30 p.m.

Cost: $12 for students, purchase tix HERE and remember, this is a silent film so don’t freak out and complain that the theater speakers are broken.

Pokemon Go Halloween Walk

Come hang out in spooky attire and catch pokemon with other trainers! Costume or cosplay is encouraged!

Meet up at 7pm and then disperse throughout Boston in groups to catch pokemon and take over Gyms with friends and our respective teams. Teams will regroup back at the commons at 10pm to hangout. 

Where: Meet at Boston Common

When: Monday 5 p.m. to midnight

Cost: FREE, find more info on Facebook HERE. I know it’s our destiny.

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