Weekly Wonder: Drivers in Massachusetts largest cities considered among the worst in the U.S., according to Allstate

By Mia Ping-Chieh Chen
BU News Service

BOSTON – Drivers in Boston, Worcester and Springfield were ranked the worst in the United States, according to this year’s annual report on the best drivers in America from the insurance company Allstate. 

Allstate released its annual report in July of 2019, analyzing their damage claim reports in America’s 200 largest cities. They considered collision frequency and compared the data to the national average to determine which have the safest drivers. 

Boston came in 198th out of 200, the third-lowest on the list and the lowest in Massachusetts. The city was one spot down compared to last year. Drivers in the city get into a collision almost every five years on average and are 117% more likely to get into a crash than the average driver in America. 

Worcester ranked one spot above Boston at 197, maintaining its position from last year. Drivers in Massachusetts’s second-largest city are 106% more likely to get into a crash than the national average, with the typical collision rate over every five years.

Springfield was ranked at 194 this year, the seventh-lowest in the list. Drivers are 82% more likely to get into a collision than the national average, with the typical collision occurring under every six years.

The annual report also shared “risky roads” in the 15 bottom-ranked cities, where collisions are more likely to happen. Route 93 in Boston, Main Street in Worcester and Interstate 91 in Springfield all made the list.

Brownsville, Texas, took the top spot in the report, while Baltimore and Washington, D.C. were ranked the last two on the list.

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