Weekly Wonder: Boston weather from 2008-18

By Matt Niksa
BU News Service

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BOSTON — The average temperature in Boston in 2018 was 53 degrees, 0.4 degrees higher than the city’s average temperature in 2017, and last year the city saw the most rain since 2008.

According to data compiled by the Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC), the average temperature in Boston last year was the fifth-highest annual average temperature in Boston from 2008-18. February 2018 (38.1 degrees) and August 2018 (77.4 degrees) had the highest average temperatures in the months of February and August in Boston from 2008-18, while April 2018 (45.3 degrees) had the lowest average temperature in the month of April from 2008-18.

Last year was also one of Boston’s rainiest years in a decade. The city saw 53.32 total inches of rain, which averages out to about 4.44 inches of rain per month. January 2018 (4.92 inches) and November 2018 (9.26 inches) saw the most rain in the months of January and November from 2008-18. Boston’s wettest year from 2008-18 was 2008, when the city saw 54.46 total inches of rain.

Boston’s snowfall total in 2018 was 50.9 inches, tied with the city’s snowfall total in 2017 and its fifth-highest snowfall total from 2008-18. March 2018 (23.3 inches) saw the most snow in the month of March from 2008-18. The snowiest month in Boston over the last decade was February 2015, when Boston Logan International Airport received 64.8 inches of snow as part of the all-time snowiest season for the city.

Logan Airport is the NRCC’s data collection location for Boston’s average temperature, rainfall and snowfall data. You can access the data through the NRCC’s interactive software system here.

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