WATCH: An exclusive interview with Joan Donovan

By Brian Foisy, James Buckser, Sasha Abrams, Emily Esposito, Daniel Gibbons, Clara Cahill-Rogers, Safiya Chagani, Aicha Coulibaly and Shelby Rose Long

Boston University News Service

Joan Donovan is an author, professor and researcher who specializes in the study of disinformation. As the leading expert in the field, Donovan’s work has appeared in BuzzFeed, Slate Magazine and Wired. In her first video interview since coming to Boston University, she recently sat down with journalists James Buckser and Brian Foisy to discuss disinformation, her transition from Harvard to BU and the current and future state of the internet. 

Hosts: Brian Foisy and James Buckser
Producer: Sasha Abrams
Director/Editor: Emily Esposito
Researchers: Daniel Gibbons and Clara Cahill-Rogers
Camera Operators: Safiya Chagani, Aicha Coulibaly, Shelby Rose Long
Special Thanks: Emma Picht, Tristen Olly, Adam Boyajy, Erin Fitman, Mason Jablonsky, Tyler Davis, Ryder Moss

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