Warren spotlights healthcare for Wisconsin voters on behalf of Biden-Harris ticket

Warren spoke at the virtual “What’s At Stake” event, aiming to sway voters in Wisconsin, a state who voted for Trump in 2016. Photo by Yukun Zhang / BU News Service

By John Terhune 
BU News Service 

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren stumped for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and sweeping health care reform Tuesday afternoon during a remote event for Wisconsin voters.

Aiming to fortify Biden’s polling lead in a critical state that went for President Trump in 2016, Warren was the final speaker at the Wisconsin “What’s At Stake” event, where she forcefully argued that Biden, not Trump, is the man to lead the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 “From the beginning, Joe has been leading with competence and compassion,” said Warren. “Donald Trump has failed on all fronts.”

Warren stressed that the failings of the American healthcare system run deeper than the current pandemic, speaking out against inequalities rooted in systemic racism. The senator also warned of dire consequences should the Supreme Court repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), set to face a legal challenge in November, just one week after the presidential election.

“Trump and his buddies are in the courts trying to take away health care for millions of people,” said Warren. “The outcome of this election will determine the direction we take as a nation.”

Warren was preceded by three Wisconsin politicians, including Attorney General Josh Kaul, who spoke about the ACA’s impact on the lives of the state’s citizens.

“We say that health care is on the ballot in this election. It’s really on the ballot in this election what happens to the coverage of millions of Americans. What happens with protections for pre-existing conditions is on the ballot in this election,” said Kaul.

State Representative Jodi Emerson and Eau Claire City Councilor Mai Xiong described their own experiences with significant health issues and credited the ACA with making coverage affordable.

Despite Warren’s warning that millions of Americans could lose their health insurance should Trump stay in power, the event mostly remained upbeat, as the speakers emphasized that hard work would allow viewers to enact change.

“We have got 35 days until election day,” said Warren. “I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.”

Haley Chi-Sing also contributed to this piece.

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