Esplanade Park Offers Green Space for Fenway Neighborhood

Written by Sarah McCullough

Sarah McCullough
BU News Service

Boston is not as much of a concrete jungle as other cities such as New York or Chicago. It is easy  to find a nice park or open green space in most neighborhoods. Around the Fenway neighborhood there are a few options for people who are looking to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

The Charles River Esplanade along Storrow Drive is one of the closest accessible green spaces in the area.

As one of the most popular parks for locals, the Esplanade is well taken care of by the city to provide a clean, safe space for the public.

“The Esplanade is a pretty well manicured green space, so I think it’s upkept pretty well,” Amber Martel, a hostess at Cask ‘n Flagon in Fenway, said. “It’s one of the better park areas in Boston that people go to the most.”


Cars pass under the bridge on the turnpike next to Fenway Park.

The Esplanade is one of Boston’s favorite destinations for dog-walking, jogging, cycling, or even just a scenic stroll. The Esplanade also has playgrounds for kids, fitness equipment and an open air performance stage called the Hatch Memorial Shell.

But walking around the Esplanade late at night should not be done alone, which police warn is true for most parks and outdoor spaces after dark. According to, the Storrow Drive-Esplanade area has an average crime rate.

But in Martel’s experience, she has never felt threatened or uncomfortable being out at the Esplanade after 10 p.m.

“The Esplanade that’s around the BU campus, I would definitely say is safe at night,” Martel said. “I would think that almost farther down it is too.”

Other parks nearby include the BU Beach and The Fens in Back Bay, part of the historical Emerald Necklace.

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