A Tale of Two Voters: Campaigning for Mayoral Hopeful Tito Jackson

Supporters of mayoral candidate Tito Jackson march in the Roslindale Day parade on Oct. 1. Photo by Sizhong Chen

By Ian Anderson
BU News Service

If there is one thing that Andy Bisaro dislikes more than people who do not vote, it’s people who do not vote with their principles.

With a Tito Jackson sign in hand, Bisaro, 32, marched outside of the Jackson/Mann K-8 School in his neighborhood of Brighton. He said he hoped to inspire others not to vote for the most popular candidate, but for the candidate they thought would do the most good for Boston.

“You got to vote with your heart every single time,” said Bisaro. “If something in your gut is telling you a candidate is wrong, nine out of ten times your gut is right.”

Bisaro said his gut told him that the incumbent Mayor Martin J. Walsh was wrong for Boston.

“The problem with Boston is that people here see incumbents winning as an inevitability, so they either vote for the incumbent or they don’t vote at all,” he said.

Concerned about his family finding affordable housing in Boston, Bisaro said that Mayor Walsh failed the city of Boston.

“Tito, unlike Walsh, has shown that he cares about all of the people of Boston and is willing to work to get us to live where we want to live,” Bisaro said.

Retired Teacher Campaigns for Jackson

As voters lined up in the gym of the Orchard Garden Community Center this morning, Josephine Pina stood outside in the cold encouraging people to vote, specifically, for mayoral candidate, Tito Jackson.

Pina, 67, a retired teacher and resident of Roxbury, was the first person to vote at the polling location. She said she wanted to do her part to support Jackson.

“I feel like he really cares about the entire community of Boston,” Pina said.

Affordable housing, she said, is the reason she chose Jackson over Walsh.

“Walsh is more popular with the majority of downtown because those are his people,” she said. “He doesn’t care about us way out here.”

Despite Jackson’s unlikelihood of defeating Walsh, Pina says that she will continue to support Jackson so long as he supports the people of Roxbury.

“I just don’t want him to give up,” Pina said. “By the way he speaks, acts, and smiles, you can tell he loves all of Boston.”

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