Voices from New Hampshire: diverse supporters fuel Trump’s triumph in the primaries

Two Trump supporters chat in front of the Massachusetts State House on Nov. 7, 2020. Photo Courtesy of Matteo Venieri/BU News Service.

By Amber Tai

Boston University News Service

In the brisk New Hampshire air, the 2024 primary season is vibrant with activity. Notably, supporters of former President Donald Trump are out in full force, contributing to his victory in the state’s primary. These supporters, diverse in their backgrounds, are united by a shared belief in Trump’s vision for America.

Janie Zhang, 50, switched from Democrat to Republican, finding appeal in Trump’s stance on international affairs and national security. “When they wanted to move refugees, Trump suggested securing their country. I totally agree. That’s when I first noticed him,” she said, emphasizing her commitment through her move from Boston to New Hampshire.

Ashley Dimonte, 32, a bipartisan voter, resonates with Trump’s policies on military strength, immigration reform and energy self-sufficiency. She said she firmly believes in America’s independence from foreign energy, stating, “We don’t need to be depending on Russia, Syria, and foreign countries for our fuel.”

Paul Shea, a staunch Republican, said he admires Trump’s economic strategies, especially his record on job creation and border security. “He was the jobs’ president, lowest unemployment rate since that, um, inception of history of taking the record of unemployment,” Shea said, also acknowledging Trump’s international policy decisions and support for HBCUs.

These supporters, despite their varied origins, share a common skepticism about the election process, reflecting Trump’s personal doubts about electoral integrity. Their unanimous trust in Trump’s judgment, particularly in foreign policy, is evident.

As the New Hampshire primary unfolds, these voices exemplify a segment of the American electorate firmly rooted in their support for Trump, highlighting the lasting influence of his presidency on the U.S. political scene.

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