The Boston Tea Party — Revenue and Beyond

Boston Skyline’s view from the Eliot Memorial Bridge Tower of the Blue Hills Reservation, Milton, Mass., Oct. 26th 2019. Archival photo by Gaia De Simoni/BU News Service

By Suryatapa Chakraborty

Boston University News Service

Historical events tend to generate many business opportunities which naturally add wealth to the economy. 

Boston Tea Party is a historical event that celebrates the protest against the tax on tea imposed by the British parliament. It happened on Dec. 16, 1773. This past December marked the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. 

The event has a huge cultural significance as it ultimately helped spark the American Revolution. 

Let’s look at the business opportunities that originated from the Boston Tea Party: 

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Located at the Congress Street Bridge in Boston, this museum provides a guided tour of what the historic event is all about. Exhibits, actors, re-enactments — the museum attempts to tell the story by holding the hand of the public and walking them through the entire experience of it. 

The museum currently has two replicas of the 18th-century ships that took part in the Boston Tea Party, according to a fact sheet released by the museum. 

The ticket pricing for the museum ranges between $17.10 and $29.95, depending on the age and the booking medium. There are also tea tastings ranging between $3.99 and $14.00. 

Annual Boston Tea Party Anniversary and Reenactment 

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum collaborates with Old South Meeting House, the organizing point of the Boston Tea Party, to host the reenactment of the historic event every year on Dec. 16. 

The price for the reenactment ranges between $20 and $40, depending on the age and the membership status of the participant. The tickets are sold out for this year’s reenactment event. 

There is an open-to-all Destruction of the Tea event at Atlantic Wharf which the public can watch for free from the Boston Harborwalk. 

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Gift Shop

The gift shop at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum has several memorabilia and items in a varied range of prices. They have online and offline shopping facilities for their customers. 

Museum exclusives, holiday ornaments, and items specifically related to the 205th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party are some of the categories of products available on the gift shop website

Venue rentals for events 

Venue rentals are also available to customers, should they decide to host an event with or without the historic theme to make it a unique experience. There are a few venues at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum that are available for booking. 

This particular idea of renting out venues also generates business for several caterers, florists, and photographers who are listed on the website

Hotel Packages

The celebration also creates opportunities in the hospitality industry as hotels in the city offer special packages and offers specifically concerning the historic event. 

The commemoration of the event brings in a lot of business to the city and thereby, creates work opportunities. Be it a reenactment or a catering service, the event helps generate revenue and promote tourism for the city. 

Beyond the cultural impact, lies the economic opportunity. 

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