Terriers lose their winning streak as Lehigh takes over in a neck-and-neck battle

Boston University's Women's Basketball Team (Photo by Mohan Ge/BU News Service)

By Sukanya Mitra
Boston University News Service

BOSTON — Boston University’s women’s basketball team lost their winning streak at their home court on Saturday. Case gym witnessed a game packed with hopeful spirits, cheering for Terriers at the court. All eyes were glued to the ring.

With swift moves and tactful passes, the Terriers only shot 37.1% from the field compared to their Mountain Hawks counterparts, who shot 46%. 

This was BU’s first home game loss of the year. The team’s shining star, Sydney Johnson, added a whopping 19 points in the first quarter. Yet, the baskets yielded no results, as the Mountain Hawks took over the last 6.5 seconds of the game that ultimately led them to their win.

The game witnessed a 14-point lead change and six ties. Lehigh University scored the first four points in the game, resulting in BU challenging them with a 6-0 spurt. The end of the first quarter witnessed a margin of 13-9, as Lehigh kept the Terriers off the radar. 

The Terriers got back in action and took the largest lead of the game with a glorious 48-42, as the last five minutes defined the third quarter.

Lehigh ran out of patience. The Mountain Hawks drove in for three layups, closing the gap with their highest lead in the game: 65-55. The end of the third quarter witnessed Johson driving in for a 64-61 lead before taking on the final quarter.

The final six seconds on the clock. The band came to a standstill. All eyes were on the Mountain Hawks’ Megan Walker as she scored the two free throws that stretched Lehigh’s lead against BU. 

The last timeout decided the fate of the heated contest. Johnson’s terrific attempt at shooting a three-pointer in the last five seconds of the game to get the Terriers up on the scoreboard failed. 

The Mountain Hawks rejoiced as they won by a 68-65 margin. 

The Terriers scored a total of 30 points in the second quarter, creating history for the second time. BU now prepares to take on Army on Feb. 9. 

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