Speciality Food Shops Hidden in North End

Bricco Panetteria at 11 Broad Alley.
Written by Zachary Halperin

Zachary Halperin
BU News Service

Bricco Salumeria is a popular food market option for North End residents. But the small, Italian market is difficult to find. Walking along Hanover Street, Bricco Panneteria, which sells fresh bread, is visible but the small grocery shop in the back is not. Bricco Salumeria is tucked away in a back alley behind Bricco Panetteria.

Back alley leading to Bricco Salumeria.

Hidden in a back alley, Bricco Salumeria is a popular Italian Market in the North End.

The market is a mix between a neighborhood deli and a traditional butcher shop. With an array of sausages and smoked meats hanging over the counter, North End residents can get fresh Italian sandwiches while also picking up groceries. The shop is known for its high quality pasta, tomato sauce and bread.

With high quality comes high prices. For instance, one large ciabatta bread is $5.99.

The two 7-Eleven’s on Hanover are easier to locate, but also offer limited grocery options.

Hanover Street, the main street in the North End, is famous for its pastry shops: Modern Pastry and its biggest competitor Mike’s Pastry. Lindsay Page, a waitress and barista, at Modern Pastry, said patrons can wait in line up to a half hour on summer weekends.

“If anything, because the Greenway got redone, it’s more beautiful, more people are starting to come in,” Page said.

While there are no large super markets in the North End, there are plenty of specialty shops, cafes and pizzerias featuring fresh or imported Italian foods. With dozens of restaurants in this small neighborhood, many residents said they prefer to eat out rather than cook for themselves.

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