Showcase at Sands Features Eclectic Mix

By Stacy Schoonover
BU News Service

From wearables for animals, to fitness products and drones – CES offers an eclectic mix of consumer tech.

The massive show takes place at multiple venues, including the Sands Expo Center where Yum & Done’s Interactive Happy Meal Buddies was on display. The friendly toy aims to keep kids engaged during mealtime.

Another product for kids, the Hatch Baby diaper changing pad, tracks diaper changes, the baby’s weight, feedings and more. A Wi-Fi-connected scale notifies parents with updates.

Grown-ups looking to track their intake can check out Moikit’s water bottle. It displays the temperature of the water on the cap and notifies users when the water has been sitting too long and needs to be refilled. It also connects to an app, which measures how much water the user needs to drink per day, and how much is left to fulfill that water goal throughout the day.

Whirlpool and Proctor and Gamble have teamed up to introduce a product to reduce trips to the dry cleaners. It doesn’t remove stains, but it freshens up clothes that are not meant for the washing machine in 10 minutes.

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