Roxbury Crossing Offers Several Transportation Options for Residents

Written by Stephanie Pagones

Stephanie Pagones
BU News Service

Some commuters at the Roxbury Crossing MBTA station said they typically take the subway or the bus to get to and from work or to the nearby Roxbury Community College.

Roxbury Crossing MBTA Station is located at 1400 Tremont Street and caters to bus, subway and even bike riders. Hubway, the city’s bike rental program is here as well as bike racks for people who travel on their own two wheels.

 Roxbury Crossing MBTA station located on Tremont Street in Roxbury.

Roxbury Crossing MBTA station located on Tremont Street in Roxbury.

Latoya Johnson, 34, commutes from her home in Dorchester into Roxbury Monday through Friday to attend classes at Roxbury Community College. Although she said she would like to ride a bike to school, she typically relies on the 22 bus, which usually takes about 20 minutes to get from home to school.

If the 22 is running late, Johnson has other options. Several bus lines are near the Roxbury Crossing station.

“Sometimes the buses can run late,” Johnson said. “I’m waiting on a 22 now, if it doesn’t come like in a little while, I’ll just go over and catch another bus route to get me to my destination.”

Johnson also said that while some passengers choose to buy monthly passes to ride the bus, she pays $1.60 per ride with her Charlie Card.

MBTA bus fare costs $1.60 for those with a Charlie Card and $2.10 for those without. Subway fare costs $2.10 for those paying with a Charlie Card, and $2.65 for those paying with a Charlie Ticket, according to the MBTA.

Another MBTA passenger, Verleen Lewis, 57, of Roxbury, said she chooses to drive to her job in Waltham, but occassionally rides the T when she is unable to use her car. On Monday, her T ride to Waltham cost her about $4.25, she said.

“I think [the MBTA is] great, especially if you’re in the city and it’s easy for you to commute back and forth and everything,” Lewis said, “but if you’re working out in the suburb area or Woburn or other places, to me, I’d rather drive.”


Roxbury Crossing T station, 1400 Tremont Street.

Lewis said she chooses to drive instead of relying on the T because her commute would require her
to transfer and walk to different T stations to reach her Waltham destination, which would take over an hour. Her drive to work typically takes 45 minutes, she said.”I just like driving, I choose to drive.”
And with the price of gas so low right now, many commuters might opt for the car rather than waiting in the cold for the bus.


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