Ramen Shop Celebrates Four Years in Cambridge

By Zoë Mitchell

BU News Service
Yume Wo Katare, a ramen restaurant in Cambridge, celebrated its four-year anniversary this month, inviting the community to commemorate the milestone with donation-only bowls of ramen. The restaurant’s mission is not just to serve food but to also create a space for customers to share their dreams aloud.
“There’s a ton of ramen shops in Massachusetts, it’s a very popular dish,” Sara Brande said.”This is not a ramen shop. We want to create an atmosphere where people can feel comfortable and feel safe sharing their dreams and dreaming really big dreams.”
That spirit keeps customers coming back and keeps the line down the street.
“It’s great to be in an environment where it’s so positive,” said customer Mike Fiorenza. “It’s just refreshing to come here and have everybody talk about their dreams and get asked the question: How you gonna get there?”

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