Q&A: BU Law Prof. who Taught Ketanji Brown Jackson Shares Thoughts on SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings

Julia Ermi
Boston University News Service

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Biden’s supreme court nominee, is on her third day of confirmation hearings.

Some Republican senators have accused Jackson primarily of being soft on crime, a claim Jackson refuted by citing her respect for her brother’s military and police service. This morning, Jackson reiterated her concern for law and order but emphasized the constitutional need to treat accused criminals fairly.

“Although we need accountability, although there is crime, we also have a society that ensures that people who have been accused of criminal behavior are treated fairly,” Jackson said. “That is what our constitution requires, that is what makes our system so exceptional.”

WTBU reporter Julia Ermi asked BU’s School of Law Professor M. Tracey Maclin, who had Jackson as a student at Harvard, for more on what worries Republicans about Jackson’s confirmation, and what we might expect from Jackson on the court.

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