Protesters March in Boston in Response to Trump Inauguration

More than 1,000 protesters gather near the front steps of the Massachusetts State House to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump, Jan. 20, 2017. Photo by J. Graham Pearsall/BU News Service

Eesha Pendharker
BU News Service

Nearly a thousand people gathered on Friday night at Boston Common to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration, where they marched to the State House and City Hall, chanting and waving signs.

“We are fighting for political reform. We want people to join us and demand change,” said Alejandra Latinez, one of the protest organizers and a member of Boston’s Socialist Alternative, an activist group. “Now that [Trump] has been inaugurated, it’s important to block him from doing everything he’s promised to do.”

Protesters of all age groups and varied racial backgrounds voiced their support for issues like education, immigration and health care. The began congregating at Parkman Bandstand around 6 p.m., carrying signs saying “Medicare for All,” “Tax the Rich” and “Fight Sexism.”

Members of Socialist Alternative spoke to the crowd about fighting Trump’s policies. Protester Toiyah Shester led the crowd to enthusiastic chants of “Dump Trump!”

The protesters marched to the State House before heading to City Hall, chanting, “Black lives matter,” “My body, my choice,” and “Border walls have got to go.”

“We have to try and make our voice heard through all the ridiculousness,” said Prithviraj Rajebhosale, a student from New York who was marching in the protest to support LGBTQ rights. “They’re just reversing all the progress we’ve made so far.”

The protest ended around 8 p.m. at City Hall.

Andrea Mazon of the Socialist Alternative said the protest’s goal was to inform people about the dangers of the new administration. She said the Democratic Party had failed to stop Trump and matters had to be taken into the people’s hands.

“We have to create a mass movement,” she said.


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