PODCAST: Friday Five, Episode 13: Feb. 14, 2020

Good morning, and welcome to your Friday Five, a weekly newscast from the Boston University News Service.

Today we’ll take a look at our top stories from this week, including climate change’s impact on New England’s ski industry, a review of “Sweat” by the Huntington Theater Company and some highlights from the New Hampshire primaries on Tuesday. Let’s get started so you can start your day.

Yang Campaign: https://bunewsservice.com/yang-announces-suspension/

Snowmaking: http://bunewsservice.com/new-england-ski-areas-face-grim-forecast-as-climate-change-brings-warmer-winters/

Bill Weld: http://bunewsservice.com/watch-bill-weld-explains-why-hes-the-best-candidate-for-the-republican-party-in-2020/

REVIEW – Sweat: http://bunewsservice.com/sweat-at-the-huntington-theatre-company-resonates-through-the-ages/

Manchester Postcard: http://bunewsservice.com/listen-talking-cigars-primaries-and-socialism-in-castros-back-room/

“Friday Five” is a weekly podcast from the Boston University News Service where the BUNS Editorial Board tackle the week’s top stories. Tune in to stay up to date on all things Boston.

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