PODCAST: Friday Five, Episode 11: Dec. 8, 2019

Today we’ll take a look at our top stories this week, including deer collision data, the Harvard grad student strike, and new tools for gene editing. Let’s get started so you can start your day.

“Friday Five” is a weekly podcast from the Boston University News Service hosted by the BUNS Editorial Board where we tackle the week’s top stories. Tune in to stay up to date on all things Boston.

Deer Data: http://bunewsservice.com/more-than-2000-deer-collisions-reported-since-2016-state-police-data-shows/

Neonics Legislation: http://bunewsservice.com/bill-to-protect-massachusetts-pollinators-advances/

Vaccination Legislation: http://bunewsservice.com/bills-seek-to-change-non-medical-vaccination-exemptions-for-school-children/

Harvard Grad Strike: http://bunewsservice.com/harvard-graduate-student-workers-strike-for-fair-contract-after-13-months-of-negotiation/

Gene Editing: http://bunewsservice.com/researchers-consider-new-tools-for-gene-editing-at-newton-conference/

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