PODCAST: Between the Bylines: Season 2, Episode 8

This week, we’re in the studio with Toni Caushi and Sarah Garcia, two of our reporters who covered Ben Shapiro’s recent visit to campus.

“Between the Bylines” is a weekly podcast from the Boston University News Service hosted by Susannah Sudborough and Hannah Harn where they unpack must-read stories from the past week through the lens of student journalism. Hear how the story was made, from the writers and editors who made it.

WATCH: bunewsservice.com/ben-shapiro-spea…ston-university/

PROTESTS: bunewsservice.com/hundreds-march-d…shapiros-speech/

LIVE BLOG: bunewsservice.com/live-blog-ben-shapiro-bu/

SHAPIRO AT BU: bunewsservice.com/shapiro-at-bu-sp…ls-out-black-bu/BU NewsBUNSBoston News

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