No Increase for Boston’s Tech Salaries in Last Two Years

Neelu Mohaghegh, a member of BU's Verge Campus chapter, talks to an attendee of the Innovation Club Fair at the BUild Lab IDG Capital Innovation Center Feb. 7, 2018. Photo by Lexi Pline / BU News Service

By Diego Marcano
BU News Service

Salaries for tech jobs in Boston have declined according to a nationwide study released by the job search site, Hired.

Other tech hubs in the country pay a higher average salary than Boston, according to the study. Boston started off  with an average annual salary of $120,000 in 2015. In 2016 it dropped to $118,000, and last year it decreased to $117,000.

Other cities like San Francisco and Seattle had a better salary performance in 2017, with averages of $142,000 and $132,000 respectively, followed by Los Angeles with $129,000 and New York with $128,000.

Average tech worker’s salary by city in 2017. Made with Hired data / BU News Service.

Every year since 2015, Hired has released its annual State of Salaries report, which goes through their data on technology workers and tech companies. It includes 420,000 interview requests connected through their platform as well as 10,000 companies and 69,000 job seekers.

Even though the salaries in Boston’s tech industry are not the highest, the report did account for the cost of living. It concluded that Boston offered better overall earnings than San Francisco, where the cost of living is comparatively higher. Considering the cost of living, tech workers can make the most out of Austin’s average salary.


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