New York man found counting his money in front lawn after robbing bank, trying to bribe MBTA driver in Revere

John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse, Sept. 18 2019, Boston, MA. Photo by Chris O'Brien/BU News Service

By Chris O’Brien
BU News Service

BOSTON — A New York man accused of robbing a Revere bank in August before making a daring escape on a public bus and being caught counting his money in a resident’s front lawn made his initial appearance before a judge in U.S. District Court Tuesday.

David Hattersley, 45, pleaded not guilty to one count of bank robbery. Police said Hattersley allegedly entered a Bank of America on American Legion Highway in Revere at around 1:25 p.m. on Aug. 19 with what appeared to be a black handgun and handed the bank teller a note, according to a federal affidavit.  

The note read “This is a robbery, I have a gun. The quicker you comply nobody gets hurt. Hand me all the 100’s, 50’s, 20’s out of your drawer. No dye packs the FBI will sort it out later don’t be a hero because I will kill somebody. If I have to!!! And the blood will be on your hands,” court documents said.

The teller gave Hattersley $13,100 before he fled the scene on a public bus, first attempting to pay the bus driver with $100 bill before trying to bribe the driver $500 to drive him to Dorchester, police said.

Hattersley exited the bus near Broadway Street and Yeamans Street in Revere and walked about a half-mile before approaching a woman’s home while her children played in the yard. 

“The robber said in substance, he had just robbed a bank and he needed a ride to Dorchester,” the homeowner told Revere police.

The woman went into her home and contacted police while Hattersley stood outside and counted his money, according to the affidavit. The woman told police Hattersley was carrying what appeared to be a black semi-automatic pistol and large sums of cash.

Court documents said that when police arrived, they found Hattersley sitting in the grass, still counting money. He was detained and police found $6,300 cash and his weapon of choice, a BB gun.

Hattersley faces up to 25 years in prison, up to three years of supervised release and a maximum fine of $250,000 for using violence and threats to rob a federally-insured bank.

Following his initial appearance in court Tuesday, he will remain in the custody of the U.S. Marshall Service until his trial. A status conference is scheduled for Dec. 11.

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