New Program Hopes to Open Biotech’s Doors to Cambridge Students

Miles Wilson (left) and Kevin Vasquez-Li (middle) add chemicals into tubes in a biotechnology class at the Rindge School of Technical Arts in Cambridge on March 7, 2018 as Joan Abrams (right), a teacher of the program, assists them. Photo by Jingyi Lin/BU News Service.

By Jingyi Lin
BU News Service

This article was originally published in the Cambridge Chronicle.

Starting next fall, high school students who don’t have an immediate plan to attend a four-year college will be able to attend a new biomanufacturing program at Cambridge’s Rindge School of Technical Arts (RSTA), part of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.

Contrary to the original biotechnology program, which is research-based and which will continue, the new program will offer students a more direct pathway to employment by experiencing and gaining skills in what local biotech and pharmaceutical firms do, and at the same time preparing them for their post-secondary academic pursuits.

“We really want to try to engage the students initially with hands-on activities and experiments,” Michael Ananis, the executive director of RSTA, said in a recent interview with the Chronicle at his program’s new biotechnology laboratory.

Currently, the school has 12 other job-training programs.

“Every one of them exists because there is a need in the workforce for graduates of these programs,” Ananis said.

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