Museum of Science Hosts Annual College Night

Photo by Eesha Pendharkar/BU News Service
Written by Eesha Pendharkar

 Eesha Pendharkar
BU News Service

The Museum of Science is known for its prehistoric bones and nanotechnology. It’s known for its lightning shows and interactive exhibits. Friday night, the museum opened its doors to college students for its annual College Night to showcase it all.

“We started College Night several years ago as a way to give back to the community,” said Todd Sperry, senior vice president of the Museum of Science. “We wanted to open up our building and let people just get to know the museum. We’re opening people’s eyes, having some fun and letting people just be curious.”

Students gained free access to the museum by presenting their college IDs.

“The idea is that you come here to follow your curiosity and hopefully learn how to ask questions,” Sperry said. “It’s about exploring what’s possible and imagining what might be. And when you’re in college, that’s what college is about.”

College Night featured not only simple, interactive exhibits but a thrill ride, too. The 360-degree ride had a long queue waiting to go on the simulator that took people on a whirl through space.

For a more mathematically oriented crowd, there was a section dedicated to exhibits based on geometry, probability and Moebius band. The Yawkey gallery was a confluence of engineering, environmental conservation and dinosaurs. The lightning show left a packed theatre cheering and applauding.

“Thanks for teaching an English major about science,” said Allison Rassman, a junior at Emerson College, as the left the event.

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