Motorcycle gang member convicted on firearm, drug charges

John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse, Sept. 18 2019, Boston, MA. Photo by Chris O'Brien/BU News Service

By Stella Lorence
BU News Service

BOSTON – Motorcycle gang member Joseph Noe was released to home detention in District Court Friday after violating the terms of his previous supervised release while serving time for drug charges.

Noe is a “full-patch” member and former Taunton chapter president of the motorcycle club the Outlaws, according to prosecutor Peter Levitt. Noe was arrested in 2007 while he was president of the gang on various drug and firearm charges after a two-year federal investigation and raid on the Outlaw headquarters.  

He was arrested again this month for violating the terms of his release, according to the case report.

Noe’s son, Joseph Noe Jr., was also a member of the Outlaws and was arrested in September of this year on murder charges stemming from the fatal shooting of rival motorcycle club member Eric Voshell in Fall River. Noe’s request to attend his son’s initial court appearance while under house detention was denied by Magistrate Judge Page Kelley. 

Kelley said if it were a trial hearing rather than an initial appearance she would be more inclined to allow Noe to attend.

Levitt said Noe was seen at an Outlaws fundraising event earlier this year despite being prohibited from interacting with other members of the Outlaws. Levitt provided surveillance video showing people wearing Outlaws “patches” or colors attending the event.

“There can be no question that a person wearing an Outlaws patch to an Outlaws event is an Outlaws member,” Levitt said.  “It would be suicide to do otherwise.” 

Though Noe was prohibited from fraternizing with other members of the Outlaws, motorcycle clubs themselves were not banned, according to Kelley.

“I feel like everyone in the room knows something I don’t about why it’s so terrible for him to attend these events,” Kelley said. “In the pictures, you have a bunch of people standing really close together, apparently chitchatting.”

Levitt said there has been no evidence of Noe being seen with other members of the Outlaws aside from this fundraiser.

“I’m just concerned that the government comes in and says ‘Oh, it’s a motorcycle club,’ and everyone is supposed to go, ‘lock him up,’” Kelley said.

Noe has been on supervised release for four years without incident, said defense attorney Zoe Plympton.

“He’s always been very responsive to probation,” Plympton said.

Noe lives with his wife and daughter and they are in the process of moving, according to Plympton. He is on disability leave from work but his wife is a full-time chef and his daughter just finished nursing school, Plympton said.

Noe will be monitored electronically and is prohibited from leaving his house unless he has explicit permission from probation or unless he is leaving for medical, religious or court-related appointments.  

His next court date has not been set yet, but revocation proceedings will be held before Judge Richard Stearns.

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