Walsh Elected for Second Term

By Rob Carter
BU News Service

Mayor Marty Walsh beat challenger Tito Jackson to secure a second term, receiving over 65 percent of the votes cast Tuesday.

Jackson was fighting to make history on multiple fronts in this election. Not only would Jackson have been the first African-American mayor in Boston’s history, but he also would have been the first challenger to beat an incumbent mayor since 1949.

Walsh led in most polls released before the election and had received endorsements from both Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Ed Markey.

Walsh and Jackson met for two debates ahead of Tuesday’s vote, where the progressive candidates tried to differentiate themselves along housing, education and crime enforcement policies.

Walsh is Boston’s 45th mayor and has served since 2013.

City Council Results

Voters also elected 13 city councilors on Tuesday, one for each of Boston’s nine districts and four at-large seats. Winners for each are listed below:

  • District One – Lydia Marie Edwards
  • District Two – Edward M. Flynn
  • District Three – Frank Baker
  • District Four – Andrea Joy Campbell
  • District Five – Timothy P. McCarthy
  • District Six – Matt O’Malley
  • District Seven – Kim Janey
  • District Eight – Josh Zakim
  • District Nine – Mark S. Ciommo
  • At-Large Councilors – Michelle Wu,  Ayanna S. Pressley, Michael F. Flaherty, Annissa E. George

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