Marianne Williamson’s 2024 presidential bid looks to fight “war on the middle class” 

Marianne Williamson speaks to a small media crowd in Manchester, NH. Photo Courtesy of Rachel Bernstein/BU News Service.

by Akanksha Goyal

Boston University News Service

With the 2024 primary elections underway, Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson appeals to the country’s working class for their votes in light of current economic conditions.

“It has been a war on the middle class and the poor in this country,” Wiliamson said.

Williamson, who has herself enjoyed an extensive career as an author, said she aspires to pay it forward and create such opportunities for the current generations.

“Money has got to circulate [in a society], just like blood has to circulate in the body,” she said, seemingly frustrated with the inequalities faced by America’s middle class. 

The author-turned-politician said she believes that one of the things that sets her apart from her competitors is her stance on mass mobilization from a dirty economy to a clean economy. 

“We’ve become a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations,” she said. Williamson said she believes that past office-holders have used monetary resources to focus on short-term profit maximization for corporate entities rather than to serve the people. 

In her manifesto, Williamson elaborates on her vision to run the country like a family rather than a business by investing in education, infrastructure and healthcare. This, she said she feels, will change the economic system and restore the power back into the hands of the people. 

“Our public policy should be setting you up to win,” she said. 

If elected, she aims to eliminate agencies that were initially established to support the public interest, but have since been compromised by corporate influences who prioritize financial gains over assisting people. 

Speaking about how she plans to change such deep-rooted imbalances in the system, Williamson said she believes that there needs to be an entire shift of paradigm through a massive political revolution with the ballot box. 

She said: “Nothing else will do it. Nothing short of that.”

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